Site-finished wood floors provide your space with a natural, uniform beauty. This type of flooring is sanded and finished on-site, making it more stable than other flooring options. After being sanded, your floor will seal uniformly for a picture-perfect finish. The natural beauty of this flooring creates a high-end, authentic look for your space.

Site-Finished Flooring Options

Our experienced team will provide expert advice to ensure you choose the best flooring finish for your specific space. Wood species, plank width, stain color and shine level can all be customized for both solid and engineered flooring.

Site-finished wood flooring comes in a wide variety of lengths and widths. Our flooring experts can help you determine the correct sized planks for your project. The size of the plank typically depends on the customer’s aesthetic, but our professional team can advise you on other important factors and how it will look in your space.

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