Hardwood Flooring on a Budget

Hardwood floors are a great way to improve the look of any room while also adding value to your home. The reason that more homes don’t have hardwood flooring is that so many people see hardwood floor installation in Centennial as cost prohibitive. A solid, pre-finished, exotic hardwood installed in every room of a 5,000-square-foot home is expensive, but other options exist (and your house probably isn’t that big). The best way to make sure you stay within a limited budget is to be upfront about how much you can spend when you meet with your hardwood flooring company in Centennial. You can also consider these suggestions:


Choose Engineered Hardwood

Engineered hardwood is a newer type of hardwood flooring that uses smaller portions of hardwood per plank when compared with traditional solid hardwood flooring. Engineered hardwood has a plywood base covered with a hardwood top layer and is finished off-site at the manufacturer. It can be installed quickly, requires much less drying time than site-finished hardwood, and costs less than solid hardwood on average. Engineered hardwood costs less to install and is generally more water-resistant as well.


Don’t Change the Whole House at Once

If your budget is big enough to pay for installation throughout your entire house, go for it! If your budget won’t cover custom hardwood installation in Centennial for the entire house, consider initially installing hardwood in your living room, hallway, and bedrooms. You can do the other spaces later.


Ask a Custom Hardwood Floor Company in Centennial for Help

Occasionally, flooring companies have stock available on clearance or at a reduced price. If you aren’t too picky, you may find a great deal. You can also ask your sales representative about other strategies for keeping your total costs down.


Hardwood Flooring Company in Centennial

Refinish Your Current Hardwood

If you already have hardwood in your home but want to replace it, consider refinishing or restoration instead. Hardwood floors are designed to last a lifetime, so don’t throw out something good. A professional hardwood company can sand down your existing floors and refinish them in a new color and finish. The best hardwood repair companies can make your old floors look entirely new again.

Make Your New Floors Last Longer

After your new floors are installed, remember that proper care and maintenance can significantly affect the serviceable life of your new flooring. A broom, microfiber mop, and a little time are all you need!


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