Site-Finished vs. Pre-Finished Hardwood

Hardwood floor installation in Highlands Ranch is clearly a better choice than almost every other flooring available. Nonetheless, the options for hardwood flooring are endless. All kinds of woods, colors, finishes, and even brands are available. One of the most important choices you will make is between site-finished hardwood and pre-finished hardwood. So, before you tell your hardwood flooring company in Highlands Ranch which one you want, we suggest you read the following.

Site-Finished Hardwood

The primary difference between site-finished and pre-finished hardwood is essentially self-explanatory. Site-finished hardwood is finished on-site at your home or business after being installed. Pre-finished hardwood is finished at the place it was manufactured.

Years ago, almost all hardwood floors were site-finished. So, if you have site-finished hardwood installed in your home, site-finished hardwood will be used for repairs or for extending the size of your existing floors. Site finishing is not difficult, but most finishes need to dry for several days before you can walk on the floor or even be in the vicinity.

Almost every custom hardwood floor company in Highlands Ranch will be able to install both kinds of hardwood––but some are better than others. Call Express Hardwood and Flooring if you want to be sure your floors are installed the right way.

Pre-Finished Hardwood

You may prefer pre-finished hardwood if you want to avoid long drying times and toxic fumes. Not only is pre-finished hardwood easier to install, but it also often has a more durable finish. Because the finish was applied at a factory, it is often possible to apply a more durable and even coat of protectant. Homeowners already living in their homes often prefer pre-finished hardwood because it doesn’t require them to relocate during installation.

Engineered hardwood isn’t solid, but it is another kind of pre-finished hardwood flooring. Many of our customers love the hard finish, innovative design, and reasonable price of our engineered hardwood options.

Custom Hardwood Installation in Highlands Ranch

Both site-finished and pre-finished hardwoods are durable, attractive, and reasonably priced. Pre-finished hardwoods have grown steadily in popularity over the last couple of decades, but we still install site-finished hardwood all the time. Talk to your hardwood installation company for recommendations that fit your needs, style, and budget.

Hardwood Floor Restoration in Highlands Ranch

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Our unrivaled service, exceptional quality, and competitive pricing are why Express Hardwood and Flooring is the clear choice for wood floor installation in Highlands Ranch and hardwood floor restoration in Highlands Ranch.

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