The Biggest Threats to Your Wood Floor Installation in Highlands Ranch

Have you recently had new wood floor installation in Highlands Ranch? Or has a hardwood flooring contractor in Highlands Ranch recently refinished your hardwood floors? If so, you probably know how crucial careful cleaning and maintenance are. However, you should also be aware of these common threats to the integrity of your new flooring.



Excessive moisture in your floor can lead to cupping and other types of warpage. Similarly, an excessively dry floor (commonly caused by space heaters and fireplaces during winter) can cause floorboards to shrink and create gaps. Whatever the problem is, it can be resolved by monitoring and controlling the temperature and humidity inside your home. The ideal humidity level in your home is between 40-50%.



Is there a hallway, entryway, or area in your living room where you and your family repeatedly walk every day? If so, you should be aware that high-traffic areas are typically the first place where damage occurs. If you notice that your floor is beginning to wear in a particular area, consider placing a stylish area rug or runner in that area. Custom hardwood installation in Highlands Ranch is a significant investment, so protect it as best you can.

Wood Floor Installation in Highlands Ranch


Everyone loves their pets, but it is imperative to keep an eye on them when you have hardwood floors. Long claws can scratch hardwood. Trim your pet’s nails regularly, bathe them often, and beware of older pets with continence problems. If your pet leaves a puddle in an out-of-sight area of your hardwood, it may create permanent damage.


Damaged Furniture

Many homeowners move their furniture around regularly. They may do this to clean, because they enjoy changing the configuration of their furniture, or because they want to get a better angle when watching television. We highly recommend placing felt pads under all your furniture after hardwood installation in Highlands Ranch. A broken foot under your couch or dining room table can leave a deep scratch on your floor if you aren’t careful.


Prevention is always best, but it isn’t the end of the world if your floors are damaged. We can help you repair and refinish your damaged floor quickly.


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