There is nothing quite like new hardwood floors. They are clean, smooth, and naturally beautiful. Hardwood floors are also surprisingly easy to clean and maintain. Wood floor installation in Centennial is an excellent choice for both homes and commercial applications. However, on occasion, we have a customer report that their floor has lost its shine long before expected. Whenever this occurs, it is almost always for at least one of the following reasons.


The Wrong Cleaning Product

Despite the popular claim that vinegar is a good hardwood floor cleaner––it isn’t. Ammonia or bleach-based products are also bad for your floors. Listen to the recommendations of your hardwood flooring contractor in Centennial when they install your floors and give you care instructions. Vinegar, ammonia, and bleach will all break down your floor’s protective finish and leave them looking dull.


Overexposure to Sun

Sun won’t damage your floor’s finish in a day, but prolonged exposure to UV rays will damage your floor’s finish and cause discolorations. If possible, keep your window coverings closed when the sun shines directly on the floor. It is also good to rotate your furniture regularly.


Incontinent Pets

Puppies and older dogs often have problems with incontinence. Pet urine won’t damage your floor’s finish if it is cleaned up quickly. However, pet urine that is allowed to soak into the wood will damage both the finish and the wood. Repeated pet “accidents” in the same location are the most damaging. If your pet has a serious problem, consider keeping it off your hardwood floors.

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Too Much Water

Are you mopping with a traditional mop and a bucket of water? You should never cover your hardwood entirely with water. Sweep with a soft-bristled broom and use a damp dust mop with a little hardwood floor cleaner instead.


Excessive or Insufficient Cleaning

Some homeowners know that overcleaning isn’t good for their hardwood, so they don’t clean often enough. Others are so concerned about caring for their floors that they clean too often. Because every home is different, there is no fixed rule for how many times a week you should clean. Do clean your floor when it is dirty, but don’t use a damp dust mop every time.


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